Four Options to Transport Your Vehicle Across Australia

Posted on: 2 October 2014

If you need to move your car across Australia, there are several options. You can have it transported by plane, moved by a cargo freight truck or driven to its new destination by a backpacker. The right option for you depends on your budget and your schedule. Here are just a few of the transport options you will find when discussing your needs with a freight transport service:

Shipping by Air

Shipping by air is the best option if you have limited time and you don't mind spending a lot of cash. Shipping by air allows you to keep your delivery hidden from the public eye, which is great if you are shipping a prototype or a new race car. However, very few people actually choose this option because of the immense cost involved.

Land Freight

Shipping cars using a large cargo freight transporter is typically the most popular option for anyone who needs to ship a vehicle across Australia. It is used by everyone from large car dealerships to individual citizens. Cars are securely transported on a large cargo truck that is safe and affordable.

The price of shipping a car by land varies based on several factors. If a car is transported from the cargo depot directly to another depot, that can help to keep the cost down. However, if you opt to have your car picked up at your door and taken directly to your new address, that may be slightly more expensive.

Driving It Yourself

If you have time, driving your vehicle to its new location can be an option. This can be expensive, especially if you have multiple vehicles and need to take multiple trips and flights in order to get your vehicles to their destinations. Driving your own vehicle also puts wear and tear on the vehicle's engine, tyres and other components.

Hiring a Driver

You always have the option of hiring a personal driver to drive your car across the country. This also puts wear and tear on your vehicle, and you have to pay the driver's fee and any other extra fees. Some people opt to let strangers that they find online drive their cars across the country. For instance, you could pay a backpacker to drive your car across the country. This may be an affordable option, but it is always better to work with a professional.

If you want to learn more about transport options for cars or other large cargo, contact a freight transport company.