Five Stops You Must Make With Your Hen Or Stag Night Party Bus

Posted on: 15 January 2015

Planning a hen's night or a bachelor party? If so, charter a bus – it keeps your party safe and together but most importantly, a bus allows you to conveniently transition from place to place throughout the evening. For a fulfilling night on the town, here are five of the stops you should have your party bus make:

1. Cocktail Bar

For your first stop, head to a trendy cocktail bar and grab an aperitif. An aperitif opens up your appetite for the evening, making it the perfect stop before dinner. Additionally, the relatively high alcohol content in these cocktails lubricates your crowd socially, helping to get the night off to a fun start.

Although you can drink any cocktail as an aperitif, these pre-dinner drinks traditionally have fresh, bright flavours. Try one with absinthe, sweet vermouth, red grapes, lime, orange juice and a splash of orange juice.

2. Restaurant

After you've checked out a trendy cocktail bar, take your crowd of mates out for a sit down dinner. This gives your group of friends a chance to sit down and say farewell to the person getting married. If you want to give any speeches, share any stories or offer advice for the marriage, dinner is a great time to do that.

3. Shisha Bar

Let the food settle at a shisha bar. The perfect spot for philosophising about marriage, monogamy, new linens or whatever is on your mind, shisha bars serve flavored tobacco in water pipes, and guests sit back to enjoy the relaxed, slightly floaty feeling that ensues. For an extra special twist, look for one with belly dancers.

4. Bar

After a short break at the shisha bar, bring your crowd somewhere a little more wild. When choosing your bar for a hen or stag party, you have several options. You can pick your local watering hole and give the crowd of regulars a chance to bid good wishes to the bride or groom to be, or you can pick somewhere more novel. Try something you've never done before such as a bar with a mechanical bull or something potentially embarrassing such as a karaoke bar. Alternatively, swig Guinness at an Irish bar or check out the younger crowd at a university bar.

5. Club

Finally, now, that you've been everywhere, it's time to start clubbing. Choose the hen or stag's favourite type of music, and head to a club that plays it all night long. The physicality of dancing naturally releases your inner euphoria, making it the perfect happy ending to an evening on the town.

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