Important Questions to Ask About a Luxury Car Rental

Posted on: 19 November 2015

For a wedding, prom, or other special event, you don't need to settle for a standard limousine or party bus. A luxury car rental, such as a Rolls Royce hire, can be just what you need to make your event very special and very unique. When considering a luxury car rental, you want to ensure you ask the right questions of the rental agency since these cars are very different than limousines. Note a few of those questions below and why they're so important.

1. Always ask how many can fit in the car

Don't assume that passengers can ride up front with the driver or that you'll be able to squeeze in a full wedding party when renting a luxury car. There may be safety requirements when it comes to the number of persons in the back and many companies will restrict this number so that there is less chance of upholstery getting ruined or other damage from a crowd.

2. Ask if a refrigerator and alcohol are included

A refrigerator and alcohol are usually included with a standard limousine but not always with a luxury car. In many cases there may be a small refrigerator with water, but it's not good to assume this will be included. Before you think about toasting your big day in the back of your luxury car, ask about refreshments, if they're included, and if you're restricted from having your own champagne or other items brought into the car with you.

3. Always check if you want to make additional stops

You might think it would be fun to pull up to a local fast food restaurant in your luxury car, but these types of stops might not be allowed. Remember that luxury cars need to be very careful about where they park so that they don't get dented or dinged, and many companies that rent these cars won't allow them into store or restaurant parking lots. Whatever your plans for the evening, don't expect that you can simply stop someplace on a whim, but ask beforehand.

4. Note if tipping is included

If a gratuity to your driver is not included in your bill, you'll want to ensure you have something on hand to leave with him or her. You may not think of carrying cash to your prom or wedding reception, but it's good to prepare for this beforehand. You might also ask the rental agency if they can simply add that to your bill so you don't need to worry about it during your big day.