Refrigerated transport for non-food products

Posted on: 9 February 2016

In Australia's hot climate it's not only food that needs to be transported in refrigerated transport vans. As a small business owners it's important that no matter where your goods are heading, they end up arriving in exactly the condition they are supposed to sold in. Here are some other products that can benefit from refrigerated transport. 


While candles may not spoil under normal temperatures, once you head up over 55 degrees Celsius candles can start to deform, and once they reach pour temperatures suddenly become full liquid. The exact temperature of melting will depend on the oil/wax blend that has been used. The best way to ensure that candles arrive in the size and shape that they left in, no matter what the outside temperature, is to transport in refrigerated transport.


Most flowers are picked before fully bloomed and transported while the blooms are still unfurled. If the flowers get overheated during transport this can encourage them to bloom early, which can limit their shelf life later on. As a result flowers are generally transported at low temperature. The exact temperature that flowers are transported at depends on their breed, with warmer temperature flowers such as Australian natives generally more robust than delicate roses and cold weather blooms. 


Australian has a growing reputation for it's pharmaceuticals and herbal supplements. While some medications are specifically noted as temperature sensitive, even less temperature sensitive medications are usually tested at noted temperatures conditions. If the medications are stored out of these conditions they may lose efficacy and result in claims against you. Consequently it's sensible to always transport medications in temperature controlled transport.

Body creams and beauty products

Body creams and beauty products can be a perfect breeding ground for bacteria if left at a high temperature. High temperatures can also transform textures, particularly if the temperature cycles up and down, so that the light mouse-like lotion that left your factory can become a heavier creme or separate into it's ingredients while transported if the temperature is not adequately controlled.  

If you are a small business with a temperature sensitive product switching to a refrigerated transport option can be a sensible investment, particularly in the warm summer months. Using refrigerated transport can not only reduce the amount of claims from your customers but also help your brand to grow by ensuring that your product appears in a perfect state.