Preparing Your Child for Their First Trip on the School Bus

Posted on: 9 April 2018

If your child is about to start school, it is likely they will be using a school bus. Many children feel nervous when they are faced with the prospect of travelling to school alone for the first time. Below is a guide to some of the things you can do to make your child's first trip to school by bus less stressful.

Take a ride with your child

Before the new school term starts, you should take a ride with your child on a local bus. During every stage of the journey, from waiting at the bus stop to getting on board, finding a seat and getting off at the destination, you should explain to your child what you are doing and why. This will provide a model for your child to follow when they have to catch the bus to school on their own.

Think about a buddy system

If your child will be travelling with other children from the local area, you should consider setting up an informal buddy system in which children are paired up with a friend. The two bus buddies can support each other while taking the bus to school. Sitting next to a child they know will help your child to relax during the journey.

Speak with the bus driver

If you are concerned about how your child will cope with their first day riding to school on the bus, you should speak with the bus driver before the journey starts. If you contact the transportation company which is providing the school bus service, they should be able to put you in touch with the person who will be driving the bus. Bus drivers can address children by name and offer them reassurance when they board and alight from the bus.

Allow your child a greater degree of independence

One of the biggest sources of anxiety for young children is a lack of self-confidence. To combat this, you can take the following step. Before your child starts taking the bus to school, you can prepare them by allowing them a greater degree of independence. For example, you could let your child walk to the local park alone. Doing so will help to increase their self-confidence that they can navigate the real world.

If you would like further information about preparing your child for their first bus journey to school, contact a transportation company that offers school travel options.